Sis & Co @ Kampung Ara

I’ve found yet another hidden gem and I thought I’ll share my new discovery.

Tucked in a quiet part of PJ, this cafe is not in your usual urban township of Uptown Damansara or the likes. If you’re familiar with the infamous Pantai Seafood or La La Chong in Kampung Ara, you’d be able to easily navigate yourself to Sis & Co!


This beautiful, spacious and cozy space awaits you when you enter this unassuming black garage. It’s borderline interior goals for me, just needs a little bit more sprucing up! But I’d say this is such a perfect space to host events because it is very spacious and the cozy atmosphere will make any event feel like an intimate one.


Picture doesn’t do this place justice but I assure you it is a real gem! To be honest, the atmosphere feels just like Jibby & Co, except in a larger space and less decor. I’d think this place would be magical at night when the rustic industrial lighting shines bright and take center stage, creating a magical atmosphere.


Check out their amazingly huge window panels! The floor-to-ceiling window bathes the cafe with natural lighting throughout, making it feel spacious and opened.


Apart from the beautiful space, I’ve got to speak about their food. In my opinion, their food is not too bad, I’d rate it a 7/10 and would definitely revisit for more.

I personally LOVED their coleslaw the most! You can tell it is good quality coleslaw which is probably homemade as well. Their chips were well salted, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – also literally perfect! In my opinion, the ribs were nothing to shout about but I’ll give them thumbs up for the price point!

For the spaghetti, it is of your average cafe standard BUT I have to speak about the tenderness of their chicken breast. I ordered a Spaghetti Marinara which had prawns, mussels and chicken breast. I almost mistaken the chicken for fish because of how tender it was and it tore apart so easily. Definitely getting the thumbs up from me!


This place deserves more love and I’d be sure to send them more! It is not like your usual overpriced cafe. For the quality food and ambiance, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal! Also, they serve pork as well which is definitely a plus point for me!

PS: They’ve got AMAZING service and that made my experience there a good one as well!


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