Midnight Car Rides

There’s something about being in the car with someone after dusk that causes conversations to naturally flow and take the wheel.

Something about the 4 doors that makes it feel like a private space within a public space, somewhere safe and somewhere sound. It feels like a safe bubble for me to pour our feelings and speak what’s on my mind.

I enjoy having meaningful conversations, I enjoy connecting with people. Take me out on a car ride past midnight and we can have real talks. It’s my most ideal way to unwind, relax and that’s your best shot at getting to know me better.

I am not your petite or average sized Asian girl who’s able to stretch their legs up on the dashboard and take that perfect Instagram picture. But I’m okay with that. My 34 inch legs is usually slanted to the left while I slouch a little, getting all comfortable.


Turn the radio on and let’s sing to the rhythm of a mainstream song. As repetitive as the song gets, it’s the perfect karaoke song. Let’s have a mini karaoke in the car and forget about who sings best and immerse in the moment.

Some days I enjoy singing my heart out to mainstream radio hits and other days I choose to focus on creating a conversation while the music takes a back seat. It’s amazing how music can bring people together, spark a conversation or bring out an emotion.

Through it all, we laughed, we (I) cried and those are those were the days we owned the nights. Here’s to more days we won’t remember and nights we won’t forget.

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