French Afternoon Tea @ Hotel Stripes

This is by far one of the best (if not the best) afternoon tea available in Kuala Lumpur. I’m taking into consideration of its selection, quality and price of the afternoon tea.

Located behind Sheraton Hotel in a slightly quiet part of town, this newly opened hotel, Hotel Stripes, offers daily French afternoon tea for a very affordable price tag in their casual yet tastefully decorated brasserie.

I was first served a glass of refreshing welcome drink before the attentive waiter came and serve their savory selection.


While limited, their selection of warm savories is the perfect starting point before devouring into their sweet selection of desserts. Served in a fancy copper box, you’ll get a combination of risotto ball, samosa, quiche and curry puffs. I thoroughly enjoyed my savories as they were served warm which is unlike any other high tea sets out there which would have turned cold.

On top of that, they’ve got toasted ham and cheese sandwiches as well which are not in the picture above.

After I was done with my savories, the waiter very politely asked if he may serve the sweet selection now and I eagerly waited for him to pull up with the golden tray of goodness.



This was definitely love at first sight and I just wanted to have ALL of it! I am a HUGE dessert and pastry lover and this selection of French pastries was right up my alley. I attempted to try all of it but I narrowly missed out the meringue as I helped myself with two servings of their chocolate moose cake and forgot about the meringue.

The chocolate moose cake was a winner for me and hands down the best as I have an undying love for chocolate. The strawberry ganache was divine, strawberry tart was perfect and passion fruit tart absolutely true to its flavours! Some might fall in love with the white chocolate truffle cake at first bite but I personally prefer truffles with my fries or eggs BUT I still loved it as it has the crunch elements in it.


This was perfect! You know how macaroons are usually overly sweet?! This was the perfect combo as the sourness of the raspberries complimented the delicate, light and sweet macaroon shell. I was on cloud nine after my first bite.

On top of all these deliciousness, you also get a free-flow of coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate to go along with your French pastries. I picked tea to complement my meal as I wanted something light and easy on the throat.


Besides the absolutely delicious food, I have to speak about their level of top-notch service as well. I must say, they have an impeccable level of service which made the dining experience there that much sweeter. Their staffs were attentive, well-versed with their product knowledge and extremely friendly and professional to say the least.

HERE COMES THE BEST PART! It is priced at RM70 for 2 pax which is a pretty darn good deal! I’ve had a couple of other high tea sets out there which costed me more and had an average spread. The quality and selection serves in Hotel Stripes is definitely worth the money paid.

Safe to say, I’ll be making a trip back here pretty soon!

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