London’s Sunny Side

When I read on Daily Mail that the Big Ben was going to be silent for 4 years to undergo thorough repair work, it reminded me of how I have not shared any London travel visuals even though this is long over due considering I last step foot in London more than 2 years ago.

I had so much fond memories in London. Memories made with my family, friends, boyfriend and his family as well. When I remember London, I choose to remember the good in it and all the warm fuzzy memories that comes with it, hence this very appropriate title.

Big Ben



Nobody stops by London without visiting Big Ben and I was no different. While I am aware this was constructed back in the olden days, I see some traces of modernity in it which is particularly surprising and intriguing. I was in awe of the structure itself which is much more complex in person and in love with the looks of it.

London Eye


The infamous London Eye which has been replicated in many parts of the world in all its glory. A walk across the Big Ben brings you here to yet another iconic attraction in London.


The good ole’ London tube. Prior to stepping foot on London’s soil, I’ve heard, read and seen many visuals of their tube and it did not fail to disappoint. Some stations more posh than others but I particularly enjoyed blending in with the locals and experiencing their daily mode of transportation. Also, catch those infamous London’s telephone booth (which smells) and the London bus behind!

Westminister Abbey 


Technically if you went ahead and google it, this picture won’t show up because this is the side/ back view of it which I find to be much more beautiful! Also known as the Church of England, here’s where all the royal weddings are held, including Prince William and Catherine Middleton.




Exploring this area on foot also means chancing upon very beautiful architectures and lots of equally beautiful sights.

Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red


I happen to be in London between the months of July – November in 2014 and chanced upon this art installation near Tower of London which was done to commemorate those who were killed in World War One.

Sky Garden 



This space is so beautiful! You get to see London from above and I can only imagine how romantic this place is by night. I could spend the entire day here over pastries and a cup of hot drink.

Holland Park 



I was so blessed with good weather on the day I decided to make a trip to the park. It was an absolutely beautiful day where better than to spend it in a park?



Within the park itself there was a Japanese Garden which was absolutely zen and home to very well-fed koi fishes, squirrels and peacocks.


Holland Park is located in this upper class neighborhood of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the West of London. Walking in this area gives you all sorts of posh vibes and expensive living.

Admiralty Arch


Not much of a tourist attraction but I thought it had so much character in it paired with the brick red flooring. This is in the opposite direction from the Buckingham Palace which I thought was more of a looker than the palace itself.


I grew up watching a lot of Western TV series and movies and this was the type of setting which they would usually have. Seeing it in real life feels so surreal and it felt as if I was trespassing the set.


Early autumn in London before the leaves turn brown.


I remember London for its beautiful architecture and building, warmth, friendly people and amazing food. I also remember the times when it was cold, wet and gloomy but those are memories for another day. Till next time, London!

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