Life Update

I have disappeared from this space for slightly over 2 months now and I have a very valid reason. Apart from my hard disk dying on me out of a blue, I had a drastic change in lifestyle which left me with no time to spare for this space. My day-to-day routine was severely interrupted and I’ll give you a peep of what life is like right now. I have to admit, I do miss writing and expressing myself here.

As you might or might not have known, I have left the start-up scene and moved on with a corporate life and boy, I wasn’t expecting this drastic change in lifestyle and as they say “be careful of what you wish for”.

I thought I’ll do an updated version of A Walk Through Of My Life because that post was dated in 2016 and is well, outdated.



Gone are the days where I get to sleep in till the sun rises. Nowadays, I’m up before the sun even peeks through the clouds. I dread weekdays, I dread being greeted by the sound of my alarm on cold rainy mornings.

I’ll usually take a good 10-15 minutes checking my social media, catching up with what has been happening while I was asleep before getting ready for work.


I start my morning with breakfast first of course. As usual, a bowl of cereal and natural yogurt with seasonal fruits. This has been my go-to since as long as I can remember.

My breakfast hasn’t change all too much so I’ll just cheat and insert a pretty acai bowl to make up for my dull routine.



I leave my house for the train station and off I go to work. My daily commute to work is roughly an hour long including all my wait time for the train and such. I have never been one to use the public transport but I am slowly but surely getting accustomed to it. I roughly remember all 12 stations in between my start and end station.



After clocking in, I drag my feet towards the service lift making my way up to the 3rd floor. I start my mornings with clearing my emails and squeezing in some time for some daily dose of news if time permits.

The first few hours usually pass by pretty quickly depending on how occupied I am. Before I know it, it’s 12pm and almost time for lunch.


I usually head for lunch around 1ish or 12.30pm on some days when I’m hungry. Since lunch is already provided, I happily make my way down to the cafeteria while anticipating what would be on today’s menu. I am rather simple and so far the food has been a-okay for me. There are days which are nicer than others but I won’t complain because it is still edible in any case. But trust me, there has also been day(s) where the food is just awful.


I usually am done with lunch in about 20 minutes or so and I have this very bad habit of popping by Pavillion once I’m done for some window shopping. Well, well. I get very tempted to splurge and most of the time I get carried away buying things I don’t necessarily need, definitely shopaholic woes.


As soon as the clock strikes 12 and make a straight vertical line down across the clock, I am free to leave. I make my way to the nearest train station and my journey home begins. On days where I don’t have other social obligations, I make my way home and would arrive just in time for dinner with my family. Other days, I would excitedly join my friends for dinner and their very much needed company.



By this time, I would have taken a nice hot bath, feeling all fresh and ready to crawl under my chili red sheets. I rarely have the time to turn on my laptop anymore and keep up with some of my favourite programs. Youtube has been my savior these days as I unwind in bed with some videos and I also usually occupy my time in the train by watching Youtube videos.



The night is still young, but I sure as hell am going to crash. I find the need to get 8 hours of sleep every night and I’m usually off my phone by then. The latest I’ll ever push my bedtime would be 10.30PM if I get too carried away with videos. I do realize I am turning into this granny who sleeps early, but I am perfectly fine (for now)!

I can’t wait for Fridays and I dread Sunday evenings. My weekdays haven’t been all that interesting but I am thankful for this bunch of people who make weekdays less mundane with dinner plans.


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