Low Maintenance Friendship

I met her when we were 14, when we were young, naive and childish. Friendships are easily maintained when you see someone nearly everyday and that was the case for us for 4 years straight.

Soon after, we left for college and then university and that was when we both needed to make an effort to maintain our friendship. Problem was, she was the type of girl who didn’t care too much about maintaining friendships. It was a blessing in disguise as I am truly grateful today that our low maintenance friendship has worked out really well for us.

I have never given too much thoughts about low maintenance friendships when I saw them all over social media. Never did I think twice about categorizing any of my friendships in that category but here’s one which stood the test of time.


Shout out to my girl right here for being there when I needed her because distance doesn’t bother us. We only ever reach out to one another when there’s a life update, no need for small talks and constant checking-ins because that’s how we roll.

Thank you for not being overly sensitive for I am someone who is generally very careless and could have potentially hurt you unknowingly. Thank you for not throwing a fit when I don’t update you about my life instantly because you know you’re always my no.1. Thank you for not being a possessive friend. Thank you for not having any unnecessary dramas with me and here’s to a smooth sailing journey together. It’s so overly low maintenance that the struggle is real to keep a snap streak with her.

Our yearly summer meet-ups has kept us together and this year it was nothing short of amazing. Here’s to many more years ahead of us and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Cheers to many more years of laughter till we cry, getting lost together, missing our bus stop, over ordering food and doing embarrassing things with me in public for the rest of our lives.

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