Dessert Guide

I am quite a dessert Queen to say the least. On a weekly basis, I have at least one serving of dessert, be it ice-cream, cakes, or any other form of desserts. Here are some which I recently had and most importantly loved!


This is suppose to be a soft serve but it tasted more like a sorbet to me. I love both sorbet and soft serve so it was definitely yummy, not forgetting refreshing! I topped it off with some oreo and cookie crumbs which actually was a great combo of citrus and sweet!

Location: Softsrve Mini 


When I saw this unicorn dessert, I was SOLD! It was definitely precious and I couldn’t stop gushing over how adorable it was only to discover that it tasted as good as it looked. I was definitely impressed because let’s face it, most pretty desserts are only average in taste.

Location: Tiny Temptress 


This was the first time I tried a donut shaped churros and it was BOMB! It was light, airy and had the perfect crisp! Filled with vanilla ice-cream on the inside and topped with cream and drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup, this was such a perfect combo! Not the biggest fan of cream to begin with, but this combo works for sure.

Location: Botanica + Co 


I have been a fan of this ice-cream shop for the longest time because their quality is consistent. I tried their seasonal passion fruit flavour this time round and it was really refreshing! I expected it to be diluted in terms of flavour just like most passion fruit flavoured desserts, but this was surprisingly strong.

Location: Softsrve


This was love at first sight and bite! A very Asian flavoured dessert here, pandan pancakes with layers of coconut cream in between, topped with coconut ice-cream and a side of cubed mangoes and strawberries. The colours on this plate really popped and the flavour combination really worked for me!

Location: Shugatori 

I had high expectations prior to my visit to this dessert cafe because I have been watching the chef himself partaking in a cooking competition. Coming in as first runner-up and passionate in making desserts, I knew I had to set the bar higher. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed and enjoyed every bit of it. My favourite has to be the chocolate dessert which a brownie base. It really is a work of art and the taste was ON POINT!

Location: Mad Hatter Dessert


Besides desserts, I am a HUGE pastry lover. This rose croissant hits the spot! The croissant was nice and flaky and the rose glaze and syrup complimented the savory pastry really well!

Location: The Pantry

That’s all the dessert I had for now! Definitely more desserts series in the future when I get around trying all sorts of dessert in town.

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