The Day I Woke Up At 5AM For A Hike Up Broga Hill

If you know me, you would know I am not one who willingly puts on a pair of sports shoes, sports bra and tights. I am clearly not the fittest person around and I could care less about being part of the #fitfam.

I’d rather spend my Sunday mornings sleeping in and slowly peel myself out of my bed when my tummy starts grumbling. But sometimes, I surprise myself and do the unexpected.


About 2 months ago, I joined my friends for a hike up Broga Hill on a drizzly Sunday morning. You could imagine how difficult it was to wake up at 5AM only to realize it is the perfect weather for sleeping in.

Truthfully, I have never hiked before and I didn’t really know what to expect. To my surprise, Broga Hill wasn’t that difficult but it was definitely tiring. It took roughly over an hour to get up to the top and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who would sacrifice sleep on a Sunday morning for a hike up this hill.

I started my journey around 6.30AM in the morning and it was almost pitch black, making it difficult to see what was ahead of me and where I was going. Following a group of people infront of me, I trust that they know where they were going and slowly saw some rays of sunlight surfacing as it got closer to 7AM.

It was a beautiful breezy and cooling morning and the air definitely doesn’t get any fresher than that. I started my journey feeling slightly cold but bearable. It got better as time goes on and my body started generating more heat to overcome the cold. Before I know it, I was breaking out in sweats.

Some stretches are definitely more difficult than others and requires a bit more patience and upper body strength. At certain steeper areas, I was quite terrified I that I would fall and create a domino effect, rolling off the trail onto the next person behind me. Thankfully, none of that happened and I manage to make it up there in one piece!

I was greeted by a beautiful view overlooking palm oil estates, housing areas and whole lot of greenery. I have never seen a view quite like this and I was genuinely quite pleased and it definitely made the early morning call worth it.



I told myself I would never do this again but looking back, I think it is worth another shot but maybe to see the sunset this time.

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