Alone Time Is So Underrated

I am somebody who loves to dress up, get out of the house, socialize and have a good day out with friends. Rarely do I ever say no to a lunch date, movie date, shopping or catching up sessions, because I enjoy the company of others around me. In fact, I am game for almost anything. I even say yes to sports even though I am physically unfit because why not?

Some may say I am an extrovert, but really I think I just genuinely enjoy being around people I love and being out and about instead of being confined in my room. Also, you should also know that I love attending events because it is fun!

While I enjoy my time out of the house, I do realize that I love my time alone and I find it important to have ‘me time’ every once in a while to clear my head and focus on myself. It’s quality time between my heart and my mind. It is a time where I reconnect with my emotions, feelings, my hobbies and things around me.

I had this sudden realization when I was in bed catching up on my TV series one night. I haven’t been following my TV series for awhile now and that 45 minutes spent watching ‘This Is Us’ made me realize how I haven’t had me time in awhile now and I truly missed it.

I enjoy shopping alone and I find it therapeutic and enjoyable to take my own sweet time browsing through clothes in store and picking outfits that I’d like to try. Once, I spent 2 hours visiting 3 retail outlets because it was that therapeutic to take my time and shop.

I am not one who likes to eat alone. If I had a choice, I rather not. But on days when I am enjoying moments of solitude, I’d whip up a meal and binge watch Youtube videos while eating. It’s funny how I am a horrible cook but I enjoy cooking myself meals, even if it involves it being over or under salted.


With everything moving so faced pace, I tend to forget how important it is to care for myself and put myself first before others. I overlook the little things in life because time waits for no man. But alone time reminds me to also care for myself and maybe going off the grid for awhile is also a good idea.

I might just toy around with that idea for now.

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