Influence Asia 2017

This is my first time ever attending an award show and I have pretty high expectations since it was massively hyped up. If you don’t already know what Influence Asia is, it is Asia’s largest social media award show.

In today’s day and age, social media is widely used for business and marketing apart from personal usage. In order for one to continue staying relevant in this young and blooming industry, you’ve got to have an engaging and interesting content. For that, there’s a lot of creativity that is involved that people don’t see and I think this is a good way of appreciating their creative work!


Since I had 4 tickets, I brought 3 of my girlfriends along!


My company for the night and heck, we all look as fine as ever! We’ve even got a few people taking videos of us and some asking  which of us is up for an award this evening.


My office bae, I wouldn’t know what I would do without her! While I didn’t get to sit with her during the event, I’m so glad we manage to even take a few pictures where we’re both dressed up compared to our hobo looks on weekdays.

I also had a media pass which grants me access to the press room and I got to meet tons of influencers, youtubers and other celebs.


At the red carpet and here’s Eunice Annabel being interviewed!

the-nat-channel-influence-asia-2017-malaysia-kuala-lumpur-night-owl-cinematic-noc-singaporean-youtubersHere’s one with one of my favourite Singaporean youtubers, N.O.C!  I’ve been watching their youtube videos for the longest time and I genuinely love the type of content they create especially when they throw in some Hokkien words to make it really local and authentic.


I manage to get a picture with Yebin and Yuli! Two incredibly cute korean girls who are more famous than I was at their age. Both their mums were up for Top Parenting award and Yebin’s mum won yet again.


Here’s one with Liane V! A talented individual who sings, dance and model! She created very interesting and engaging content on Vine and quickly rose to fame when the app was popular. She is such a humble individual and she has such a happy vibe!


The night started with Lion City Boy as the opening act and it continues with DEFAM, Project EAR, Tulus and of course, the much anticipated – Jessica Jung!

I ended the night with my girls in a cafe. Instead of partying away in the club at the after party, we took it slow and bonded over food. I love doing girly things like this – dressing up, going for events looking pretty and hanging out with girlfriends.


Thank you girls for the great night out and for accompanying me for this event!


ALSO, I met one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE youtubers/vloggers Judy and Benji Travis, or better know as ItsJudysLife! I attended the press conference the day before and had an opportunity to take a picture with both of them! They were incredibly humble and happy, just like how they’re like in the vlogs, except this time I’m seeing them in flesh and meat!

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