Tokyo Disneyland

As a huge Disney fan and a child at heart, this is definitely my zone!!! One of my bucket list is to visit all 6 Disneylands and Worlds and I am halfway there (for now).

I was a little sad that the weather forecast showed that it would be cloudy today because that means gloomy and bad pictures, sigh. But luckily it wasn’t all that bad and the sun eventually made some appearances!


This makes me the HAPPIEST! I couldn’t stop saying “to the castle, to the castle!”. I really cannot and will not get enough of this castle view and I think if I lived in a country which has a Disneyland, I would get the season pass.




I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times but this is probably my first time queuing¬†up for so many talk-show type of attraction. From the outside, I couldn’t tell that it wouldn’t be a ride as the queue for it was really long as well! One inside, I will be surprised with a talk-show. Worst part is that it is all conducted in Japanese and I couldn’t understand!



Toy Story! I didn’t intentionally sit on the sidewalks and wait for the parade, I just chanced upon it. One thing about the Japanese would be that they would actually bring mats, sit on the ground for a really long time and wait for the parade. A little extreme.




The sun was out! And it was so magical! The thing about Disneyland is that EVERY corner is beautiful, photo-worthy and it makes my heart very happy seeing all the bright and vibrant colours!!



Making my way home into my castle! *dreams





It’s always a jolly good time in ¬†Disneyland and I always feel like a kid again here with all the happy cheerful vibes and Disney songs.

Goodbye! Till next time!

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