Friendship Is A Weird Thing

I’ve had my fair share of forming and ending friendships growing up and I realize that this term ‘friendship‘ is a very weird and strange thing. One day you’re friends and the next day you’re not. How does one go from being friends to strangers without having any problems, misunderstanding or fights? Are we strangers, acquaintances or still friends?

I have to say, I am grateful for those who stayed by my (crazy) side. Whether it has been a year long, 5 year long or a 10-year long friendship, I appreciate all of them and genuinely hope for it to continue till our old age.

There was a girl that I met back when we were 14 and I don’t remember us speaking much. At most, we would run into each other in school or at events. I build my image of her based on what I heard, what I see and what I understand.

At a certain point in life, we didn’t get along. I would say hate is a strong word and dislike would be more or less accurate description of our state of friendship back then.

Fast forward 5 years later, we crossed path again and reconnected. This time, we became more than just acquaintances and as cliche as it sounds, the rest was history! I can’t pinpoint the exact moment this happened but I’d like to think that having many mutual friends between us definitely eased the process.

We share the same interest – shopping, eating and taking pictures, making it very easy to get along and hang out. Also, we conveniently live 10 minutes away from each other, perfect distance for us to hang out but also have some space. We grew closer through our common interest, circle of friends and enjoyment of each others company.

We went on trips together, pigged out and collapse, stayed awake for 48 hours, took over 1000 pictures, shopped till we went broke and laughed at our own jokes. Time spent together is always fun and there’s never a dull moment with this ball of happiness. Within the last 2 years, we’ve definitely grown closer and who would have thought we would be this close today?

How odd is it growing close to an individual you once didn’t get along with and drifting apart from those we thought we were close to? As they say, ‘what’s meant to be, will be‘.


To this girl right here, Happy 23rd Birthday! May we share more adventure, food, clothing and accessories with each other till we’re old and frail.

I love you my partner-in-crime!


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