Hakone, Japan

I chose to visit Hakone not for their famous onsen but because I wanted to view Mt Fuji, which I did but unfortunately did not have the best picture for it. Hakone is a beautiful small town off Tokyo and easily accessible as well.


A short overhead bridge which connects you to to the main part of town! Behind it is pretty scenic and it doesn’t get closer to nature than this.



Here’s a glimpse of the small town and the red autumn leaves which greeted me in winter. A very pleasant and beautiful sight, I must add.

I took the infamous Hakone loop after lunch and hopped from one location to another. It was the perfect combo for those doing a day trip like me as it covers the main sights without too much of walking.

Making a stop at Owakudani, here’s an active volcanic site.



I stop by at Owakudani for their infamous black sulphur egg. Eggs which have black shells because it was cooked in sulphur. Truth be told, it tasted very much like every other hard-boiled egg. Rumour has it, for every sulphur egg you eat you’ll live up to 8 years longer.

Not the best picture of Mount Fuji because it was unfortunately cloudly! I was extremely excited at the sight of this and it definitely made my day and entire trip! I was hoping to be able to see this infamous snow capped mountain and I¬†was lucky enough that the clouds weren’t blocking it, well at least 75% of it was visible!


I boarded this pirate ship and went around Lake Ashi after. It was a very slow and calm journey with Wifi onboard.


Look how picturesque my sight was?! It is definitely postcard worthy, hands down and no arguments about it! I am definitely a huge, huge, huge lover of picturesque views and scenery and this definitely made me happy!

Despite not visiting their famous Hakone Shrine and hot baths, it was still a great day trip. I was very pleased that I caught more than a few glimpse of Mount Fuji and the picturesque view of Lake Ashi and Owakudani was a bonus!

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