From Best Friends To Lovers

6 years ago we were two individuals who got along and naturally became best friends out of sheer enjoyment of each other’s company. 2 years later little did we know, the enjoyment of each other’s company had a touch of chemistry which ignited the flames between us. Here we are 4 years later feeling happier than ever. This is our love story.


Earlier in 2008, I have gotten to know about this shy boy who had just transferred. I briefly knew about his existence through mutual friends but our paths barely crossed and eyes barely met. All I knew was that he was a talented squash player who won multiple competitions, receiving a fair bit of recognition from the school. Impressive, but not impressive enough for me to want to get to know him better.

Merely by chance, we became classmates in 2010 and we were stuck with each other for two whole years. During this period of time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and that was the beginning of our blossoming friendship. It was easy because we had the same circle of friends. Within that circle, he was the one I was closest to.


I enjoyed our friendship, appreciated his time and loved his presence. Everything about our friendship developed so naturally and kinda perfect I must add. We spend a lot of time talking about songs and music amongst other things. We don’t see eye to eye on this topic and I often joke that he belongs to our parents’ generation. When he is hooked to a song, he shares with me. Only to realize I introduced the song to him before when it wasn’t popular and he didn’t approve of it. Let’s just say this cycle repeats itself throughout our friendship (even though he denies it).

Fast forward to senior year, we were definitely very close and I guess the term “best friends” would be appropriate to be used now. We were almost inseparable and sometimes mistaken as a couple. Truth be told, I enjoyed his company all the time. I always feel at ease when I’m with him, never needed to act my age or my shoe size for that matter.

I didn’t think much of our friendship and didn’t think it would develop past the best friends stage. Reason being, we were both seeing other people. That was something that constantly reminded me what was deemed acceptable and the lines that I should not cross.

A year later, that grey area that existed between us slowly faded and the fine lines slowly erased. Before we knew it, we were falling in love – like how our friends predicted. And yes, this all happened after our previous relationships ended.

The transition

The lines were blurred, slowly erased and eventually vanished. It was so easy to fall in love with my best friend, it was so easy for us to go beyond best friends.

We took things slowly, did things in secrecy and failed to inform any of our friends about it. We wanted things to be perfect and nobody needed to know about it while we were still figuring it out ourselves. It involved many late night calls, multiple texts and a couple of dates. Suddenly the boy who used to mock and annoy me is now chasing after me, very amusing I must add.

It took some adjustments. In fact, it took me awhile before I realize that IT IS happening. The intimate aspect of our relationship was something new for us. The touch of chemistry wasn’t enough. We had to physically get used to this new arrangement and it might have involved a couple of biology classes. The best part of it has to be how it all happened naturally and comfortably – timing was indeed everything.


I fell in love with my best friend, by choice and by chance. I fell in love with his company first then his personality. It is the silence between us that never gets awkward and love between us that grows every day. I choose to give us a chance – knowing that if things ended up badly, I would not only be losing my boyfriend but also my best friend. They said, high-risk high returns right?

Love works in a very funny way which I fail to completely comprehend. What makes us fall in love with the other person? If only it was as easy as pointing fingers at how it is all written in the stars and it is something out of our control.

4 years later, my only wish was that this happened earlier and my only hope is for this to be my happily ever after.

Happy 4th anniversary my lover boy, I love you!

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