A CNY To Remember

GONG XI FA CAI! A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

For the last 22 years, this yearly affair of celebrating the start of a new year on the lunar calendar has been pretty routine and borderline mundane. I visit the same people,  eat the same type of food, go to the same places and it has always been a semi-fixed routine.

Well, not until this year.


2017 marks the year I gave my immediate family their very first ang pow. I figured this is a milestone in life worthy to be noted down on the world wide web because at 22 I’m able to give a red packet which has a greater meaning beneath the amount given. Also, it was pretty priceless seeing the smiles on their faces.

For the first time ever, I spent the first 3 days of Chinese New Year in bed. I even joked with my mum that we should have bought new sets of pajamas instead of new clothes because we didn’t even have a chance to wear it apart from the first day.

After I had my lunch, fever started kicking in and the stomach ache and diarrhea rolled in. I was down with really bad food poisoning for the first time in my life and it was such a terrible experience which I’ll never forget.

It started with me feeling like my body temperature rising real fast and before I know it my stomach was aching real bad. I spent the rest of my day lying in bed till dinner time where I decided to take a bath before having my dinner. I stood up and my vision was turning white, hands were feeling cold. My bones were aching, something I don’t normally feel. It’s the type of pain which comes from an inner part of my bone and boy, it hurts.

There was literally nothing I can do to make myself feel better apart from lying down helplessly in a crunch position. For the next 2 days, I continued staying in bed and eating bland food. Thankfully, my fever went away after the second day although the stomach ache and diarrhea stayed on.

And that was how I spend my Chinese New Year. I visited a record-breaking of 1 house during this period and it was my Godfather’s house because I needed to pass him a gift. Other than that, I passed every other open house and skipped house visiting because the excruciating stomach ache was taking a toll on my body.

What a way to usher in the new year, but nevertheless I am much better now and this is definitely a Chinese New Year to remember.

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