Of Freeloaders And Cheapskates

Where do I begin?

Let’s take it from the top and give a definition to this term. Freeloaders are people take advantage of other people’s generosity without giving anything in return (or feeling guilty about it).

It is a natural and common gesture to offer others a ride,  your place to stay when they’re visiting, some money when they’re facing financial difficulties or a packet of chocolate which you’ve just opened up. After all, it doesn’t hurt to be kind to one another.

When the receiver gets too comfortable, that’s when we have a problem. Freeloaders are everywhere and it all boils down to the degree of them being cheap. I’ve come across an extreme degree of freeloader and let me just say, once they start, they don’t know when to stop. It’s like you’ve just gotten yourself a new baggage which says excessive all over it.

Before I forget, let me make an important point. When we offer, we shouldn’t be expecting anything in return (or so I was taught). But the receiver should also know how to reciprocate because human relationships are a two-way street and there should be a give and take in every situation.

What pisses me off the most is when others just take without have any intentions to give in return or feel guilty about it. What makes me mad is when others have the audacity to demand for more or make an assumption that we want to give. What irritates me is when they become an excessive baggage which tags along on trips without feeling guilty. Miss, you’re actually unwanted on this trip, please don’t make yourself too comfortable.

How can one practice such a way of life? And let’s not even include wealth in the equation. Let’s just say the cheapskates I have encountered come from relatively well to do families who are not facing any financial difficulties. I would have been able to sympathize with people who are scraping by but not with those who actually have extra cash to spare. This boils down to individual personality and perspective in life.

I’ve come to a conclusion that this boils down to individual personality and perspective in life. These people are not going to feel a pinch of guilt and are borderline ignorant in some circumstances. They won’t realize that they are sometimes an inconvenience to others. They don’t understand that they are sometimes a nuisance and a waste of space.

The only way around this is to cut ties from these toxic people. Once they start leeching, that’s when you should bid your last goodbye.

This post was fueled by anger and based on a series of events but nobody was harmed in the process 🙂

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