Yokohama, Japan

I made a day trip to Yokohama from Tokyo and it is absolutely beautiful! In slightly over an hour, I arrived in Yokohama and it was love at first sight. While I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Yokohama offered a breath of fresh air and scenic views.




I made my way to Minato Mirai, a famous and scenic area which is popular among tourist and local alike. It’s a Japanese version of Marina Bay (Singapore) and it has that modern touch that reminds me of Tokyo.


It was an incredibly beautiful and sunny day, perfect for a stroll in this bustling area. It was the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. There was a right amount of cool breeze and sunshine which made it a pleasant start to the day.

The building on the far left is supposedly the tallest building in Yokohama and this picture in particular, reminds me of Marina Bay. I can only imagine how pretty this area is by night. Also not forgetting it would be pretty romantic to take midnight walks along this bay area.


Walking further down brings me to yet another stunning and beautiful view. I would say that this area is definitely postcard-worthy. This view in particular, reminds me very much of London.

Back in the 70s, the Japanese were SO GOOD at imitating others countries and no points for guessing where they got their inspiration for this one. I would say that they did a good job in copying the London Eye and Tower Bridge.


At the end of Minato Mirai, I continued my journey on foot across the street and chanced upon this beautiful and peaceful area.


The shades of blue from the sky to sea was such a beautiful sight. This somehow looks like an image which could be mistaken for an area in Sydney. Not that I have been there but I have definitely seen enough images to make an assumption.

Moving away from the bay area and making my way towards their infamous Chinatown, I happen to capture this beautiful picture by chance. As I made my way closer to my next destination, I was greeted by a different scene. One which almost resembles Paris.



Or maybe the autumn leaves played a part in creating a romantic and picturesque sight.


Here I am at the entrance of Chinatown! To be honest, all Chinatown looks the same to me. It was just really odd that the shop keepers were all conversing in Japanese and none in Mandarin.




I have to say that I am impressed by this Chinese temple I chanced upon while wandering within Chinatown. While small in size, theirĀ architecture did not disappoint. It is pretty obvious that this temple has been around for the longest time because this type of sophisticated designs are no longer common sights in today’s design as we lean towards modern and simple designs.

Yokohama is a beautiful port which offers more than just beautiful sights. There’s a combination of modern and traditional designs and elements which makes the town interesting on its own. I stopped by at the Cup Noodle Museum and had a good time appreciating the origins of instant noodles. I enjoyed the walk along Minato Mirai and the hustle and bustle within Chinatown. While it is nothing compared to Tokyo, it has its own distinct characteristic which makes it worth visiting.

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