#Adulting Is Not Glamorous

I am sure 99.9% of us wanted to quickly grow up and live the adult life when we were a kid. We looked up to our parents and think that it is more desirable to live their life. I mean, it sure sounded good that we get to be in control of our lives instead of living one which is dictated by our elders.

Fast forward 10 years later, I wish my younger self would knock me in the head for having this thought. I just turned 22 not long ago and I want to either fast forward 5 years ahead or 5 years back. I cannot comprehend and fully digest this adulting process.

The term‘adulting’ has been overused, over-glamorized and definitely lost its real meaning. It is used too loosely on a daily basis that it doesn’t carry much weight anymore.

When we do minor grown up things like filling up our own tank of gas, run a few errands, going for a medical checkup or even attending a meeting – we coin that act to #adulting. It is not wrong per say but it doesn’t necessarily mean that only adults engage in these activities.


Becoming an adult is not a process which is the same for all but there are certain milestones in life which highlight our transition into adulthood. For starters, going abroad for studies and living on your own could be the start of adulthood. Whilst our parents are still forking out for our rent and expenses, we have the newfound freedom and space which comes with a new set of responsibility. Be it cooking daily meals, doing the laundry, running a few errands or even visiting a doctor when you’re ill.

For most, landing their first job and subsequently being financially independent marks the start of adulthood. Because let’s face it, shit is about to get real once you enter the real world.

While adulting means taking responsibility of your own life, it lacks the real substance it once had or is suppose to have. As we all yearn to quickly grow up, we coin mini-milestones and mini-achievements in life to the act of growing up, only to hope that we step foot into adulthood quick.

I know for a fact that adulting is not a glamorous process. Nothing is glam about it because growing up entails you with more responsibilities than you have imagined. While having the power to do absolutely anything you please is great, there’s always a voice at the back of your mind reminding you to stay responsible.

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