2016 Was A Year Of Change.

2016 was a year of learning, growing and self-improvement (I hope).

2016 was the year I had my first full-time job. 

I transitioned from being an intern to a full-time employee and had my first business name card printed (in fuschia pink). I got used to the work life and found a pretty good work-life balance if I must say so myself. But there are some days where I feel burnt out and that the weekend only lasted 5 hours. Truth be told, I could use the extra few hours of good quality sleep on Monday mornings.

Getting along with co-workers isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do when your objective is not to kill them in the office when you see them day in and day out. In life, we’re bound to meet people with varying personalities, opinions and views in life. Sometimes it might be challenging to cohabitate when other people’s belief and ideas are not aligned with yours.


I’m just thankful and glad for my office bae who makes weekdays less mundane. As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

It also comes without saying that I have learned a lot on the job and hopefully am better at what I’m doing right now compared to when I started. I know for sure that I work faster than before but I hope that the quality of my work isn’t compromised.

2016 was the year my relationship was in turmoil. 

I don’t speak about this a lot, neither do I write about this on any of my social media platforms. I do however spend most of my time thinking about it, rationalizing the situation, taking a step back and praying for the better. I’m thankful we pulled through yet another year of LDR and we haven’t given up on each other just yet.

Out of almost 4 years of being together, 2016 was one of our worst years.


I love you!

2016 was the year of strengthening friendship ties. 

It was the year of maintenance. An essential part of life to oil the tracks and make sure it’s smooth again. I’ve been very blessed to have friendships which require very minimal maintenance and I thank my lucky stars for strong friendship ties with minimal bumpy roads ahead.

This was the year I grew much closer to someone whom I’ve known for roughly 7-8 years now. It’s funny how timing is everything and it couldn’t have been any more perfect than this.


I’ve gotten much rounder because we’re always eating. Time spent together is never enough, hence we’re always planning on where to go for our next meal.

2016 was the year I slowly took charge of my own finances. 

I say slowly because I’m still trying to hack it. It was the year I started (a mini-scale) financial planning. Financial planning was something I never gave much thought to when I was a student. Sure, I tried to save money whenever possible but it is not the same as budgeting myself. I downloaded an app to keep me on track, to avoid spending more than what I earn in a month.

Also, it was a year where I became semi-financially independent. I say semi because I am still living under my parent’s roof. But, I am in charge of footing all my own meals, shoppings and general expenses.

PS: It is very tempting to go on a shopping spree at the end of every month when my bank balance surge. I am still a big time shopaholic but with better self-control.

2016 was the year I expanded my driving radius. 

What an achievement, really. I used to be afraid of driving to new and unfamiliar territories. I still am but I can safely say that I am more confident with driving thanks to my road trip buddy, Waze. I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

I used to cocoon myself to places I’m familiar with, places I already know how to go to without a GPS. In a way, I am thankful that my job pushed me beyond my safety zone and forced me to venture into the unknown. I can proudly say that I can drive to most places in the Klang Valley.

In 2017, I hope to learn more about myself and continuously grow as a person. I want to expand my horizons, try different things and challenge myself further. I want to get to know myself better, find out where my passion lies. After all, what’s there to life if we continuously stay in our comfort zone and not explore what life has to offer. May 2017 be a year of exponential growth and continuous improvement.

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