We Don’t Talk Like We Used To Anymore

Hello, it’s me. I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

Once upon a time we used to be like two little birds who won’t stop chirping away, now there is silence between us that grows awkward every once every while.

We used to share all our secrets, we used to laugh about everything and anything. Sharing ice-creams, inside jokes and more but thankfully not boys! Remember when we made the executive decision to run in the rain, just ’cause? Remember when one-shoulder dresses were considered trendy?

As we grew up, we also grew out of this friendship – one which still remains dear to my heart.

I wish I could pinpoint the exact date, occasion or time this happened, but I can’t.
I wish we could rewind time and do this all over again. Except, this time I will remember to put in some effort in maintaining the friendship.


How have you been my old friend?

Are you still the young, soft-spoken and innocent girl whom I met 8 years ago or have you matured into a confident and knowledgeable young lady? Since we became out of touch 4 years ago, have you found love?

As for me, a lot has happened. I have graduated from university with a degree and I wish you were there in the crowd to cheer me on as I made my way across the stage. Only you know what a nervous wreck I am.

I have found the love of my life and I wish you’d meet him sooner, I swear you’d love him too. Remember when we would pen down what criteria we would want our future husbands to have? I have to say, mine is not too shabby, scoring 80% of what my ideal guy would have been.

I wish to wiggle back into your life and be that annoying friend who buzzes your iMessage every other hour, sending you funny screenshots and informative pieces of news. Like the lazy worm I am, I find it difficult to wiggle. Making almost no effort in reaching out to you purely out of laziness.

My friend, we allowed distance to come in between us. We allowed space and time to push us further and eventually we would be back at square 1, strangers again.

*This wasn’t written with a specific person in mind. Picture used is for illustration purposes only.

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