Trip To Lake District

You know how London is everyone’s go-to place when they visit UK? Well, Lake District apparently is the most popular national park in England. A quick google will show you a string of Window’s Desktop worthy images, luring you to visit them as soon as you get the chance.

With easy access by train and bus, Lake District is worth a visit for those who love the outdoors, nature and seeking time for some solitude. If you’re digging the vibes of a quaint town, Lake District is the perfect match!


Naturally, Lake District is a huge area which is not possible to cover within a day. People who visit this place often have hiking in mind and for someone like me who don’t fancy that, Windermere is the perfect place to visit.

Unfortunately it was a gloomy day when I arrived at Lake District but fortunately, it didn’t pour like what the weather app had predicted it to be. Phew, it was a close one. Taking a bus from the train station to Windermere itself is already a beautiful sight on its own. I was pleased with the nature of this small town, almost too beautiful and cozy to be true.



A small and quaint town like this is so so precious! Rarely ever do we come across a low density and underpopulated town where there isn’t skyscrapers left, right and centre of us. This itself, was already a great view for me.

As the bus driver makes an abrupt stop at the bus station, I  jerked forward almost falling off my seat with my face planted towards the seat in front. Making my way to the exit, I was greeted by this beautiful sight as soon as I stepped out of the bus.



Postcard worthy isn’t it?!

Such a breathtaking sight with flocks of doves / pigeons flocking together. I noticed there were many boats and yachts parked by the bay. Taking a slow stroll around the area led me to a small hut where these boats are up for rent.

I went ahead with renting a boat for an hour and headed out into the largest lake in England. There are two options when you decide to rent a boat, either you literally row it or a motorised engine will be your saviour and do the dirty work for you.


I of course, chose the latter and it turned out to be the best decision made. Those who chose to row their boats were stuck near the bay and hardly made any progress into the lake. It isn’t as easy as people make it seem on TV because of other external factors like wind, water current, etc.


This was my view throughout my trip. Like I said, it is the largest lake in England and my motorised boat wasn’t a speed boat which goes at 150km/h.

Being surrounded by the hills and being in the middle of the lake with no reception can be both eerie and exciting at the same time, depending on how comfortable you are with being lost and stuck in the middle of a lake. After all, I’ve got to find my way back to the shores without any GPS signal.


This looks like a scene right out of a movie or a postcard even.


This is my first encounter with a swan! Apparently, they can be pretty vicious so I tried to keep my distance as to not allow them to eat my camera. They had very pretty white and fluffy feathers, almost too white to be true. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be snob. Just look at that stare!


 It has been a pleasant experience being out in a colder and quiet part of the country. Will I make a trip back to Lake District? Yup, but for other sceneries next time!

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