Have Ice-Cream With Me

If you personally know me, you would know that I am a HUGE desserts lover. I have an incredibly sweet tooth or in these case teeth and I almost always never say no to desserts.

Recently I went to a few dessert parlours and I am generally impressed with the standards. With more cafes and dessert parlours blooming, I can’t wait to get my hands on more sweet stuff!

Hail’s Soft Serve

Not only aesthetically pleasing, but it tasted as good as it looks! The ice-cream was truly flavorful and the waffles were crispy, just the way I like it! In fact, I actually made three trips to this place already! What I really love about their ice-cream would be their flavours which changes every now and then. I see myself frequenting this place in the long-term already.


Banana flavoured, original & limited edition Pokemon series. I love love love the ice-cream and flavours! Out of all 3, the banana flavoured one worked best for me because it was paired with crushed oreos, perfect combo! Also changing their flavours every now and then, I too can see myself coming back here for more when I have that ice-cream crave.


Famous for their coconut ice-cream, they definitely lived up to my expectation! While I’ve tried the original one in Bangkok before, this is almost as good as the original one.

Every Sundae

Probably my first and last visit to Every Sundae, not because they have bad desserts but it was TOO sweet. For someone with a sweet tooth to say that it is too sweet, it says something. The ice-cream in the right picture will DEFINITELY give you cavities. Cotton candy with ice-cream, caramel bars and caramel sauce is a recipe for disaster. My taste buds were dying for something non-sweet after the first bite.

Monsters Ice-Cream


This was an average chocolate banana ice-cream with nothing much to shout about. What drew me in was the way they prep the ice-cream on their cold stove and how they roll them up!

PS Tokyo


So pretty and also so delicious! These miniature soft serve ice-cream is for those who love all things Japanese because their flavours were very much based around that. Think green tea and chocolate mint.

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