On Being Skinny Fat

This post is going to sound silly for many but truth be told, I am skinny fat.

I did a quick google search to see if this term exists or did I just made it up in my head. A reality check for myself, this term exist and it is EXACTLY what I thought it is. It is a phrase to describe people who look fit and healthy on the surface but are metabolically obese. This comes without saying about the string of health problems that comes with it.

On the outside, I am your regular skinny girl who fits into readily available clothes at any retail outlet. Heck, I can even fit up to an XXS at certain stores. I should feel very blessed and quit complaining about how I am ‘fat’.  But first, I’m going to tell you what’s it like being a skinny fat girl.

Welcome to the world of skinny girls who have muffin tops and jello legs.


I can’t wrap my head around the idea of working out. The thought of it is daunting and when I actually drag myself to a gym, I feel tired already and ready to head home. Well maybe if I get a set of cute gym clothes, I would feel motivated. Been there, done that and I am back at where I started.

When people see me panting after walking a far distance, they have their surprise faces on. Surprised that a girl my size feels tired so quickly and sometimes can’t keep up with the rest.

I have low muscle mass from the lack of exercise. Something I shouldn’t be proud of but it is what it is. Essentially it means that I have a large amount of fats in my body. BUT, because of the lack of muscle and also average sized bones, I am still able to look skinny and have a thigh gap!
I am secretly winning am I not?! 

Let me tell you about my gluteus maximus. Mine are not peaches, they are round jellos which can’t be eaten. Once dissected, you’d be greeted with yellow substances oozing out which looks almost like maggots.

I am frequently told that I am skinny and I should eat more. They might be partially right about me being skinny considering I am 5 feet 7 and weighing just about 50 kilograms on the scales. What they don’t know is that beneath my clothes, I have a muffin top and my thighs are ginormous….. I don’t even know what to compare it with.

When I start complaining about me being fat, people take it as a joke because all they see is skin and bones on the outside. When I start saying that I can relate to those ‘fat’ moments which includes having a food baby and muffin top, they’d roll their eyes from the moon and back. It is as if I am saying this to fish some compliments and add salt to some of their wounds.

For someone who is skinny fat, I love my crop tops. I love wearing that itty-bitty piece of cloth which exposes more skin than I sometimes should. This is when I would have a noticeable bulge around my tummy and I get a little self-conscious at times. On my good days, I’d be able to suck it in and still look good. On my bad days, I look like I have a mini-me growing inside of me, yikes!

Society should not take skinny shaming lightly. The spotlight shouldn’t be on fat shaming alone. We go through struggles which others don’t relate to but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to pick on us.

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