Greenery And Scenery In Bath

In under 2 hours, this quaint town of Bath greets you and you’ll be away from the hustle and bustle of London town. The best place to get some fresh air, clear your mind, unwind and have a slow paced day.


Prior to this, I did a quick research – locating a few points of interest, like a typical tourist. Right about every other website recommended the same places to visit and I followed through with their recommendations.

First up, I headed over to Bath Abbey, a famous church.


After snapping a few images, I made my way to The Roman Baths which was within walking distance and approximately 300meters aways. This is definitely the place to visit if one ever makes a pit stop at Bath for sight-seeing.




Being a UNESCO heritage, do expect this place to be packed with tourist. What I did was to visit this place early, and I’m talking about as early as 10.30/11.00 AM. Could you believe this was once a public bath for Romans?! The fact that it is so well kept is already impressive enough.

Here’s another point of interest which the internet recommend, The Pulteney Bridge. What is noteworthy about it is that instead of being a bridge opened to vehicles, shops are actually built on it instead!


When you’re in Bath, be sure to try out Sally Lunn‘s Buns. Being the oldest house in Bath, expect to be greeted by a narrow walkway and stairs. Their specialty buns exceeded my expectations and I personally loved it!



I ordered a simple scrambled egg on their specialty bun and it was one of THE BEST buns ever! I didn’t think that it would be very impressive but the first bite leaves you wanting for more.

This is a quarter of The Circus. Not much of a tourist attraction but they sure do have a  beautiful architecture.


Bath feels like a rich man’s town. I’m taking a guess that the standard of living in this quaint town is comparable to London, if not slightly more expensive. People here are more dressed up and lots more luxurious shops can be found here. It seems to me like this is a perfect retirement town where it is peaceful and quiet yet modern. Till next time, Bath!


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