The Music Run 2016 @ Sepang


My first (and maybe last) time attending a running related event. It was a fun-filled day, so thank you AIA for organising this incredibly fun and exciting way to stay healthy!


If you know me, you’d know I love colours and this made me so excited!! I mean, how can someone not love those bright vibrant colours.

I arrived at the venue pretty early (3.30PM) and the place was already buzzing with people and lots of activities for all. It felt more like a carnival than a running event and I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of different booths and sections for games, food, health, etc.


AIA games section. 


Zumba happening at the main stage.


I was of course drawn towards the photo booth!

Thank goodness for these wonderful girls for keeping me company and joining me for this event!

The run kicked start at 5pm and we were the second wave of participants to be on the track, in the heat and soldiering on this race against the sun.

What a taken-for-granted privilege it was to be on this race track which drivers from all around the world come to race on. I barely ever watch F1, but man these tracks were much nicer than I expected it to be (I clearly had very low expectations). I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to drive (or race) on this smooth track.


I also forgot to mention how wide the track was!

After an hour of sunbathing, I made it to the finish line, drenched in sweat and nothing less. I made my way back to the music village where all the activites were at and I was pleasantly surprised by how it was still jam packed with activites, including some dance session happening at the center stage. I mean, where does all their energy come from?! Being in the sun itself already drains 30% of my energy level. Let’s not forget, that 5km run/walk.


I sat on the ground with an avocado smoothie in hand, watching all the action happening right infront of me. I enjoyed the tracks that were being played and the atmosphere around me was simply lively.

As the sun slowly sets, people started coming back from the tracks and they slowly but surely filled up this space. By 8PM, the stage was set and the skies were black, the music festival has officially began!


It was a fun filled night with lots of performances on stages, coupled with DJ’s spinning numerous upbeat tracks. Thank you for including 5 of my favourite songs, Mr DJ!

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