I Wish I Can Write Better, To Better Express Myself In Words

Hello, it’s me again.

And I feel stuck in my little bubble which I have grown to be comfortable with. So what’s the issue this time?

I feel stuck in a position where I am not good enough. Or maybe I am too harsh on myself, just maybe. I could be overthinking but it could also be a reality.

You see, my day to day job mainly revolves around words. I, on the other hand, am hardly a bookworm. Great, I don’t enjoy reading that much but I am expected to perform my day job perfectly.

I’ve met other fellow content writers and they are pretty much the bookworm type of people, ugh I don’t fit in. I don’t feel like I belong, I fall into the stereotypical category of a content writer.


I’ve been winging it, scraping by and also pushing myself to perform my best. Am I doing a good job? Maybe, maybe not. I guess good enough to not get me fired is my benchmark at this point of time. But, I do strive to be better but how?

I, myself am already starting to feel that I am not improving. Stuck in my tiny bubble which I hope will expand very very soon.

I wish I can write better to better express myself in words.

There are days when I experience a tons of emotions but how do I utter it out in flowery words for others to understand how I’m feeling when layman’s term don’t make the cut.

I wish I had the ability to be slightly more artistic and transform my feelings, experience and thoughts into words. While I don’t hope to be an author, but I do wish to learn a trick or two from them.


I wish writing is second nature for me, I wish strings of words would just flow as I put pressure on my delicate keyboards which has withstand all of my anger, frustration and stressful period of times.

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