Brighton, An English Seaside Resort Town

Brighton is unlike any other part of England. If you’ve visited this region, you’d know what I am talking about.

As I step foot out of the train carriage, there was a noticeable difference right away. Out I go to the streets and I found myself making my way to where all the action is, the beach of course.



Look at that broad walkway, instantly giving a holiday / resort feeling. With plenty of personal space around me, I took my time strolling down the streets. Slowly taking in the sight and sun. It didn’t take me long before I felt like I was on an actual beach vacation on an island.


Looking like a scene right out of a romantic comedy, I fell in love with this place at first sight. Life must be a breeze for the locals living here.

It was sunny afternoon in Brighton. The sun kissed my skin but left no mark, being as mysterious as a secret lover.

As I adjourned to the infamous Brighton Pier, it didn’t take me long before realizing the walk is going to be a long one. While far, I had an enjoyable sight which made it less dreadful. I have to add that with every step I took, I felt like the Pier was not getting any closer in sight, it was really a very long walk.


What a lovely warm welcome. I am most definitely in love with the environment here in Brighton. The laid-back lifestyle, warm temperature and the glorious sun.


I could just lay on the pebble beach for the rest of my afternoon, just like the rest of them. What’s a visit to Brighton without visiting their infamous pebble beach?

This marks my very first pebble beach experience. As I was contemplating between renting a beach chair or not, I realized most of them don’t rent chairs although it was readily available.


Would I choose pebble beaches over sandy ones?

While pebble beaches are beautiful, there’s something about sandy beaches which gives an extra oomph,  completing my beach experience. I do agree though that pebble beaches are way better for those looking to just get a tan, sandy situation averted!


Here I was, at the Brighton Bandstand. Apparently, a popular spot for locals to tie a knot and I wouldn’t see why not. Being by the beachfront boasting a gorgeous view of the endless ocean, this is so perfect to exchange vows and say I do.


Before I arrived at Brighton, I did a little bit of research on where to dine. The Regency visually impressed me and I gave it a go. Being directly opposite the beach, it is hard to miss.



The seafood platter was definitely something to shout about. Not only was it fresh, but also incredibly tasty! I enjoyed everything served in this platter from the lobster to the clams, mussels, scallop and prawn. I loved it all.


I had high hopes prior to arriving in Brighton and it is safe to say I was not disappointed. While the view, atmosphere and sights were great, I have to say I loved the seafood platter the most!

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