Goodbyes Are Never Easy

It’s hard to pour out how I feel right now because let’s face it, I am never good at goodbyes. We’ve gone through this 5 times now and it never gets easier.

Let me start with the highs before I end with the lows.

Thank you baby, for being the best boyfriend I could have ever wanted.

I was worried about how things would pan out as I am working now, worried that I wouldn’t have much time to spend with you. You coming over almost every weeknight was something I hoped you would do and you did it, without a complaint.


I love spending my nights unwinding to your warm hugs, random conversations and cheekiness. Seeing you at the end of the day was probably my favourite part and what I look forward to every morning.

I enjoyed being next to you again. Regardless if it was over a meal, laying in bed, playing Pokemon Go or simply watching a movie. To finally feel like our relationship was complete and perfect, thank you for that.

You’re not the biggest fan of desserts and sweet treats but you bring me to dessert parlours anyway because you know I want some ice-cream. In return, I compromise and have Asian food with you for dinner because we all know how you’re so sick of Western food.


I enjoyed all our silly conversations. I enjoyed listening to your endless comments about everything around us. It is essentially what keeps our relationship going, communication. Our inside jokes, sarcasm and a pinch of weirdness makes us grow closer as a team.

The last 7 weeks went by so quickly, I am starting to forget what life is like prior to this. I was in this bubble of mine and it has finally popped and brought me back to reality. I loathe it, every minute of it.

To say that I am sad would be an understatement.

You wouldn’t be at my doorstep after dinner, you’re not a phone call away when I need some cuddles and you definitely won’t be physically present in my life for the next one year.

Saying goodbye to you is never easy and it never will be. I miss you my love, when will I see you again?

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