Sights And Shopping In Milan

Known to be the capital of Italian fashion, Milan has quite a sight when it comes to beautiful architecture as well. Compared to Rome, I would say Milan is the updated and more glamorous city compared to the capital.

I took a train from Venice and the sight that greeted me at the train station alone has already impressed me. This is probably the most impressive train station I have ever set foot on.


Just look at that!!! A very grand entrance, featuring nothing short of a high ceiling and detailed arch.

Before my visit here, I googled the points of interest in Milan. On every website that I visited, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II would show up. From the pictures, I was already blown away. Let me just do the same and show you how it looks like.

PS: These pictures do not do justice!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II




One of the world’s oldest shopping mall and dare I say the grandest one I have ever seen. Named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy, it is also home to the very first Prada outlet.


This was a really cute sight I spotted as I was walking closer to the duomo. A little girl watching attentively to a live kind of puppet show. Don’t know the exact term for it but it was fascinating!

Duomo di Milano


A large and elaborate gothic cathedral in the heart of town. Doesn’t look scary from this point of view but I guess whatever floats their boat! Probably the spears or spikes above made it seem scary but it’s so iconic that I think we can look past that. I forgot to mention, this cathedral took almost six centuries to build, insane!!


I don’t remember the exact location, but it was fairly close to the duomo. This is the shopping heaven for girls. The entire street is literally retail store after retail store and I have to make a mention that these stores are HUGE! If you’re very familiar with retail outlets, you’ll be able to spot Zara in this picture!



A very popular designer outlet mall. This is a definite must go for people who are eyeing to get a few designer goods and let me tell you, Prada is almost free here – I kid you not (or at least that’s how people make it seem!).


Another shopping street in Milan. While it is common for most retail outlets in Europe to close by 5pm/6pm, you’re lucky if some open till 8pm! No doubt shops have already closed, the streets are still lively and full of energy, just like every fashion capital.

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