Venice, You Have My Heart

Venice, a sinking island which is nothing short of extraordinary.

I’ve heard many good things about Venice prior to my visit. Nobody came back and ever had a negative remark about it. Naturally, I was excited to make a stop here and boy, was everyone right about this place!

Why do I love Venice?

What’s there not to like about this beautiful, quaint and scenic island. The moment I stepped foot out of the train station, I knew I would fall in love with Venice, making it my favourite Italian destination. The first sight that greeted me was the sight of river canals, I was already impressed! I love the atmosphere, the carefree and laidback vibes, the cobblestone walkways. I love the idea of not having any land transportation around, making it very enjoyable to stroll around the island.

Let me show you why and how Venice has captured my heart.


Here’s a random back alley of a water canal, so beautiful and calm. I feel at ease as I take a stroll and get lost on this island. While I do agree the buildings look a bit tired and the paint is peeling off, I still get the calm and safe vibe that eases the tourist in me.




The only other mode of transport if you don’t walk around the island! I love the idea of not having any motorist on an island. I love how environmentally friendly this island is. I am a huge supporter of going green, recycling and generally living a lifestyle for a better environment.



Also famous for their brightly coloured buildings and houses, I wonder what life is like for the locals here. Do they love it? Or do they hate that it is always overpopulated with tourist, making it feel like an invasion in their own town?

It feels like a close knitted community to me. Just like the movies, you’d be able to see your neighbors from your tiny balcony. The vibe I got while I strolled through this town was that they have a relaxed and laidback lifestyle. People here are generally inviting and warm, making you feel at ease and also more comfortable in a foreign land.


Here’s a humble middle age man selling beautiful decoration pieces and accessories. It’s little push carts like these which give character to the place as a whole and I am in love!!!



I am just about to scream that I am in love with this place, again. I don’t think you can take a bad picture of Venice. Just look at the beautiful houses! So much character and it makes me feel like it is a cozy and homey place to live as compared to high rise apartments in big cities which come off as cold and snooty.

There’s something about the architecture which attracts me. I am generally attracted to beautiful architecture because it tells a story, allowing me to unfold it according to how I want it to be written.

This place allows me to play pretend, something I have been very used to since I was a little girl. I could pretend to be an Italian for a day, living in this neighbourhood. I could pretend to be on set for a movie scene, after all, it is very scenic and beautiful.


Here at the Grand Canal – the major water-traffic corridors in the city. Here’s where you’ll see tons of gondolas because it’s the main street of Venice, something like the NYC Times Square if you may.

I spent my evening here at the Grand Canal, pacing myself back and forth. I love how the sound of the beating water calms me and soothes my soul. I love crowding this area with the rest of the tourist alike, admiring the beauty of this island. I love the joyful and happy atmosphere here, some restaurants along the Grand Canal even have soothing jazz music – enhancing the mood and vibe of this area.



Before the night sets, I wondered along the streets which lead me back to my hotel. I took a slow walk, snapping pictures every other minute.

What I really enjoyed was how at ease I felt, not needing to rush to see any sights or monument of any sort. The sight was right in front of me all the time and I had the privilege to enjoy it throughout the day.

I love Venice for so many reasons. I love how friendly the people are, I love how slow-paced life is. I love how beautiful this island is, I love how picturesque every corner is.

Venice has captured my heart, I will return in the future with the love of my life – whoever that may be. I can imagine just how romantic it will be to be on this gorgeous island, taking things one step at a time and not rushing for time.

On a side note, I have yet to visit Cinque Terra, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como. Venice is my favourite for now, till I visit other parts of Italy in the future!

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