I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

The story of you and me was as simple as that.

Two best friends whose friendship slowly blossomed and eventually bloomed into something beautiful.
I loved having you as my best friend.
I enjoyed all the good times we spent together, chattering about anything and everything.
I appreciated your time and your pair of listening ears, on days when I was down and moody.
You were someone I could confide in, someone who I could also have a good time with.
I felt a sense of security with you and above all else, I knew I could trust you.


In between all our playful conversations, I fell for your personality and I always had a soft spot for guys who makes me laugh.

I fell in love with your smile, the one that shows the dimple on your cheek.
I loved holding your warm soft hands, radiating heat to keep me warm.
With hands so soft like yours, I knew you were a spoilt child who never lifts a finger at home.
Your eyes, not the biggest and brightest one in the room but the only pair which sends signals to my racing heart.

In between all the laughter, sarcasm and insults, we found a common ground where love was the key to all the answers.
It didn’t take long for me to fall for all your sweet talks and small gestures.
I know that as long as we’re on this journey together, there is nothing we can’t conquer.

And for now, I am glad to have you by my side again for the next 7 weeks. Here’s to more I love yous and I miss yous uttered in the form of gestures instead of words.

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