Let’s Have Brunch

Mr & Mrs. 

Apple crumble pancake with lychee cream

This dish combines different textures which make it delicious. The light and airy homemade lychee cream along with the crispy crumble and soft poached apple goes very well with the fluffy pancakes.


Big Breakfast

Going against the traditional notion of big breakfast, this mini platter packs a punch. Fluffy scrambled eggs with sauteed mushroom and sausages on top of a well-baked puff pastry have more flavors than what meets the eyes. Served with a side of mini pancakes and a slice of toast, this savory and sweet dish has a well-balanced flavor to it, I really enjoyed this!

3 Bags Full

French toast Nutella on skewers

All Nutella lovers are guaranteed to love this dish! Deep fried french toast with Nutella smacked in the middle is served with turkey ham, banana and strawberry on a skewer and garnished with peanut flakes and drizzled honey. Don’t be fooled by how filling this portion is!


Tuna croissant

Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of tuna, especially if it is canned. I did appreciate the flaky croissant that sandwiched the tuna and a side of humble salad with sesame seed dressing.

La Cocina

I personally love tapas! This for me was nothing to shout about, the only dish worth mentioning was the creamy mussels in the top right. It had the right amount of creaminess and perfect for dipping my baguette.

Fifth Palate

Drunken french toast

Now this is a truly well put together dish. Photo worthy and delicious in every way. A slice of french toast coated in reduced Guinness Stout, topped with bacon, caramelized banana, vanilla ice-cream and a generous side of salted caramel. I loved how well all the flavors combined nicely in my mouth!

Tous Les Jour

Eggs benedict

My go-to food when I don’t know what I feel like eating. It might seem like a small portion at first sight,but it is filling because of the bun! There’s a good blend of flavors on this plate, sweetness from the hollandaise sauce, slight sourness from the balsamic vinaigrette and saltiness from the roasted potatoes.

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