An Eventful Week

Remember how I mentioned my life was sort of mundane and I could use a little bit more excitement? Well, I guess my prayers were heard and answered because I had an exciting and eventful week! I had the opportunity to attend two very exciting events in a week and I am so grateful for these opportunities. It not only perked me up a little but also exposed me to different experiences which I am thankful for.


Stylecon Asia 2016

Stylecon Asia is the first regional style-centric event that tours 4 cities in South East Asia to bring together a community of beauty lovers, fashion enthusiasts, and style makers. This event allows like-minded individuals to come together, learn from each other and also discuss online content creation. Involving beauty and fashion digital influencers in this event allows aspiring online content creators to build connections and gain insights from experts.

I’ve never been a beauty person to begin with but I am into fashion! I was naturally excited to see what this event was all about, excited to tap into the minds of beauty / makeup / fashion experts.


Knowing that it was going to be a beauty event, I took the decency to dress up a little and also apply makeup – something which I am not used to doing and have very poor knowledge on.

Over the course of 5 hours, there were different panels speaking about beauty & fashion, love-hate relationship with social media, live makeup tutorial and hair styling tips.



It was my first time meeting a YouTuber, and boy was she friendly. I absolutely loved her warmth, bubbliness and personality. For someone who is famous, she was very humble and nice to everyone – something which I think is rare in society nowadays. Even people who call themselves ‘social media influencers’ are cocky and stuck up, thinking the world owes them everything.

It was a generally interesting event which left me wanting to beautify myself more. The fine line between being vain and looking presentable is now blurred to me. To what extent is beautifying oneself considered acceptable before they are categorised as vain?


“The Red Party” Press Conference 

The Play Club KL announce the return of the 3rd installment of “The Red Party”. In hope to bring more hype and attention towards “The Red Party”, it is only befitting of the theme if they have Red Foo as part of this event.

This is my first time attending an event as a media and I was excited! Could this be the start of my career?



The director of The Roof, Red Foo and CEO of The Roof – each taking turns to answer questions from the host and the floor. Red Foo was quite an entertainer himself, bursting out into dance moves and rhythms when he sees fit.

Learnt quite a bit about him and was very pleased to have met the man behind LMFAO. Those songs really brought me back to a happy time in life. The upbeat music and lyrics really had something special in it and highlights a good time I once had.


The icing on the cake had to be when I had the chance to take a picture with Red Foo! While it isn’t a full-length picture like I had with itsbubz, this would suffice since Red Foo was actually rushing to the next event.

It was a generally good event which opened my eyes and got me thinking. As I sat in the room filled with bloggers, social media influencers and members of the online media, I wonder is this the direction we are heading towards in the future.

The rise of online content creators is definitely part and parcel of the digital era, even I myself am an online content creator. Looking back at the two events I attended, it definitely highlights other unconventional career options which are made available due to social media. What then happens to the old media, like print? Will we one day stop having physical copies of newspapers?

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