Stuck In A Limbo

“So what now?” 

A question I ask myself on a regular basis.

I recently graduated not too long ago and I feel like I am in this awkward phase of life. Being neither a student nor a full grown adult, what exactly am I right now?

I constantly go back and forth with my status because I can still pass off as a student. While I am by right a working adult, I certainly don’t feel like one. Nobody guided me on how to transition into the work environment after being a student for nearly my entire life. There wasn’t a manual written about how to get through this stage of life.

I am such a professional at being a student. I know the ins and out of it, I know what it takes to get good grades, I know exactly what the lecturers want to hear and all I have to do is feed them with what they want. I know I should always start revisions early for exams, but I never learn and repeat the same mistake again and again because hey, I still achieve a decent grade after all.

I know nothing about being a full grown adult, I am not ready to take on adult responsibilities. To be honest, it is more of having no idea of what to do than being afraid. Somebody should write a guide on this awkward phase in life that we all face. When is a good time to start thinking about buying a car / house? How much savings should I put aside on a monthly basis for rainy days?


I feel funny, awkward, weird and out of place.

When people ask me am I still studying, I naturally will say yes. This goes out to all the sales people, hairdresser, shop-keeper, beautician, etc. It comes so naturally for me to answer a yes rather than a no. I can pass off as one and I feel more comfortable saying that than to explain myself and tell others what my job is. I try my best to take advantage of student discounts whenever possible, more often than not, it still works unless they require an ID for verification.

Taking a step out of the cushy student life I had was eye-opening, to say the least. I am suddenly supposed to have it all figured out and start working hard for my future. I suddenly had to think about saving and not spending all of my salary. I have to think about how much I should allocate for my meals, shopping and other necessities. I suddenly had to have financial planning before I spend all my money away like I used to.

While it is a smooth transition into adulthood, I will miss being a student. I thank my parents for still providing me with a roof over my head and food on the table. Slowly but surely cutting myself off financially from my parents and I will figure out from there on when my career stabilizes.

I wish for this awkward phase to end fast, allowing me to feel more comfortable as a working adult and detaching myself from the term I am more familiar with, a student. How long should I give myself before I need a huge wake-up call and accept reality as it is?

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