A Walk Through Of My Day

9.20 AM


I stretch my hands to shut the buzzing phone up before slowly peeling myself out of bed. A process which takes a good 5 minutes before I finally decide it’s time to head to the bathroom and get ready for work.

I take my time in getting ready but it usually composes of me throwing on something simple from my wardrobe. I have a staple set of clothes which I wear to the office. Not because I am constrained to the type of outfits I have to put on, but more for convenience sake. Throw on a pair of jeans and top – I’m ready to go!

10.00 AM


By now I would have been wide awake, rudely awaken by my stomach which is impatient to be fed. I have a fairly fixed breakfast menu, cereal and yogurt being the staple. Fruits will vary depending on what’s in the fridge and most of the time it would be bananas, nectarines or plums. Occasionally I’ll have passion fruit, papayas, grapes, strawberries or kiwi.

On days when I do go to the bakery, I’ll pick up some pastries and that would be a substitute of my cereal. It’s nice to break the routine once in awhile and consume more calories than I need. I wash my breakfast down with a cup of lukewarm water before heading off to work.

10.45 AM


This would be more or less my usual time of getting into office. Once settling myself down, I’ll have my daily dose of news before the rest of my colleagues arrive at work.

Daily mail is my must visit web page before I start my day. I’d like to be in the loop of what happened in the last 24 hours or so. This is my top pick when it comes to news because it has a good mix of both entertainment/lifestyle related and current affairs. That way I don’t feel like I’m doing a very heavy reading as the content becomes pretty balanced.

1.30 PM


Lunch time is pretty flexible and not necessarily at 12 or 1pm. More often than not, I’d have a pretty late lunch between 1.30pm to 2pm for at least an hour or so.

This has been my go-to food for the past 3 weeks because my colleague and I found an alternative to what is served at the cafe below. I mean RM 5 for that plate of goodness above is pretty darn cheap! I alternate between having Indian rice and Chinese noodles every now and then, depending on how hungry I am feeling that day or what is being sold that day.

3.00 PM

Back to work. On a daily basis, I am in charge of monitoring and updating all social media platforms. I work on drafting out blog posts for clients as well as our very own digital magazine. When I’m not reading something off the net, I am thinking of what topic to cover next. I get ideas from things I see on social media and that spark is so important to get me writing on my next article.

Apart from replying emails, following up and writing. A lot of time is spent planning how the month is going to look like in terms of content. I can’t stress how important is it for me to have a clear idea of how the next 2/3 weeks is going to be, the inner me needs a clear sense of direction.

6.15 PM

Roughly an accurate time of when I get off work, give and take 15 minutes. I am very lucky to not get stuck in rush hour traffic as I go against the direction of traffic congestion. My body goes into autopilot mood as I leave the office, taking a route which is oh-so-familiar. I know exactly where the potholes are, the sharp corners and also blind spots. I guess this is what a robot feels like if they could express themselves in words.

6.30 PM


My favourite time of the day, something I look forward to when I get home – a hot bath. There’s nothing more calming and relaxing than having a nice hot bath at the end of the day. I feel as though all the muscles in my body has loosened up as the hot water stream down from the shower head hits my body, head first.

7.30 PM


Dinner time and it usually involves light cooking or visiting a restaurant nearby, nowhere further than a 15-minute drive. My family recently discovered this cafe nearby, serving up good food at very decent prices. This chicken above is RM 8, served with a side of salad and mushrooms, that’s a pretty good deal!

9.30 PM


By this time I would have settled down in bed, most likely catching up on my TV series or spending time creating a new post for this space. Currently, I am on a Two Broke Girls marathon, attempting to watch all episodes from Season 1. I just enjoy really enjoy a good laugh and this for me is pretty entertaining.

11.30 PM

By now I am more or less about to head to bed. By that, I mean shutting off my computer and turning to my phone for one last screening of what’s happening in the social media world.

I tend to watch youtube videos before I fall asleep and my favourite channel of all time is Ellen! My favourite segments of hers have to be ‘Kevin The Cashier, Played by Adam’, ‘Hot Hands’ and ‘Why I Don’t Have Kids’. I laugh every single time, especially for the first segment! My other favourite is her speaking into her writer, Amy’s ears or a celebrity. It gets to me every time and I think I can spend a good amount of time talking about her.

12.30 AM

I try my very best to sleep before 1AM because I want to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. This might not always work out but I do try my very best to turn off my lights by then. Sometimes I get too caught up with youtube videos that I don’t realize the time and more often than not, it goes beyond 1AM.

This whole cycle pretty much repeats itself 5 times a week on weekdays. Do I like this routine of mine, yes and no – this is a story for some other day and maybe one day I’ll share it on this platform. For now, let’s juts put it as life could be more interesting and I could use a little less robotic schedule.

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