Let Me Show You My Dream Home

This post is inspired by my latest house / apartment obsession. Lately, I’ve been watching Tiny House and House Hunting on FYI. I know, it’s catered for housewives and not millennials like me. But hey, I really enjoy looking at what criteria do people take into consideration when choosing a house. Also, I really enjoy following this account on Twitter called @aptgoals, it makes me look forward to owning a house/apartment of mine in time to come.

When I was younger (at a tender age of 10), I envisioned myself living in a big house filled with lavish material goods and fully furnished with top-notch designer furniture. I remember wanting my house to have a wide front porch and ample of outdoor space for my kids to play. I remember picturing my house to be equipped with a swimming pool and a hammock for leisure purposes. It also had to have a huge master bedroom and bathroom, plus a walk-in wardrobe. The young me wanted nothing less than a luxurious house. Greedy, I know!


This would have been ideal for my 10-year-old self. All things expensive, unnecessary and luxurious.

As I grow older into a more knowledgeable and sensible young lady, the 15-year old me wanted to live in an environmentally friendly house. I was going through a phase where I adored all things recyclable and eco-friendly. I was hooked to watching a show on TLC which was about green living and basically making their home as eco-friendly as possible, sometimes to the extent of using recycled raw materials. I was super impressed and I loved the idea of wasting fewer resources.


Now this picture above is my definition of gorgeous! I love the wooden panels, who cares if it’s secondhand or recycled wood, is it that important that it came straight from the tree? Everything about this picture screams eco-friendly, green and beautiful to me. The teenager in me would have been so happy to reside here.

Aging a little more, the young adult in me now wants the total opposite of what I had originally dreamed of 10 years ago. After becoming aware of the housing prices and the cost of living, I scale back from my original plan of seeing myself in a big house with expensive furniture. It is not because I no longer have big dreams, it is more of having a realistic dream for now until I am comfortable to spend more when my finances allow.

I have fallen in love with the idea of living in a loft, a studio or 2 bedroom apartment. I have grown to love the idea of having a cozy small apartment, preferably between 500-800 sqft at the very least. I might have just been influenced a tiny bit by Tiny House! The wooden elements are still there and I still absolutely love the idea of going green. While being eco-friendly is what I ideally want my loft to be, I have come to my sense. If I wanted a green house (hehe, funny!), I would have to build it on my own and that is not only costly, it is also time-consuming.

I ask myself, does this all really matter? Is my dream home defined by the layout, built and interior of it?

Being miles apart, I asked him to come home to Asia and be with me. We could live happily ever after and be very comfortable here. He said, to move across the globe and be with him in America, the land of opportunities. “Don’t you want to come home?”, I asked. “Home is wherever I am with you”, he said.


“You put your arms around me and I’m home.”

Home for me goes beyond the traditional sense of having a roof over your head, it is the feeling you get when you feel comfortable and complete. That for me is how I feel when I am with my other half. When I heard those words, I melted and started having a new take on what a definition of home is.

A house is just an empty unit without the warmth you get, a home is a unit filled with love. No amount of furniture in a house is able to replace the warmth he radiates when I’m with him.

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