Let Me Bring You To Cologne


A quaint little town in Germany has more to offer than what meets the eyes. Besides their infamous Cathedral, Cologne is a cultural city which is home to Ludwig Museum where one of Picasso’s paintings can be found.


Sink your teeth into their local delight and enjoy an authentic Turkish meal,falafel. Due to a huge inflow of migrants from Turkey, it is an obvious answer to why authentic Turkish meals can be easily found (not forgetting the ice-cream!



Get lost in the city and stumble upon quaint alleys in this culturally rich town. Keep your eyes opened and spot hidden gems within the city. Don’t be afraid to wonder off to a path less travelled, you might end up in this beautiful neighborhood!


The neighborhood bakery presents an impressive range of freshly baked pastries and bread. Try one, try all!



For the best view of the city, head over to the Koln Triangle where you’d be guaranteed to get an unobstructed view from above. PS, there is no need to worry about the amount of steps you’d need to take in order to reach the top. There is a lift which brings you right up!



Enjoy a German breakfast in one of their cosy cafes. Have a go at the local breakfast scene, let me warn you their bread is different from what we’re used to.



Strolling around in the old part of town will bring you to this cute and quaint area which is filled with character. Take a moment or two to study the beautiful olden architecture which is unique and photo worthy.


The Cathedral is picture perfect by night, you won’t believe your eyes. Walk across to the other side of the bridge for the best view in the house, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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